From cellular responses to drugs, to adverse effects and drug repositioning, systems pharmacology gets the BD2K treatment

How mobile technology and data science are poised to revolutionize healthcare--with BD2K Centers paving the way

The BD2K Centers are propelling the data sharing revolution forward at every level of research


Big (Data) Science Matters

Scott Delp, PhD

Big Data Science is transforming the biomedical research landscape

BD2K Centers Size Up Brain Disease

Esther Landhuis, PhD

With enough images and associated data, researchers hone in on more effective ways to diagnose and treat brain disease 

Disease Detectives: BD2K Center Researchers Sleuth for Early Signs of Disease

Jonathan Wosen

Exceptional computational detective work has the potential to reshape our understanding of when and why diseases strike

Exploring Patterns in Big Data Using ClusterEnG: A Clustering Engine for Genomics

Mohith Manjunath, PhD, and Yi Zhang

With ClusterEnG, users can explore their data using multiple clustering algorithms 

Visualizing Human Genome Variation

Katharine Miller

A comprehensive, genomic variation graph offers an intuitive view of how human genomes vary 

BD2K Centers: The Basics

Katharine Miller

The Centers span the nation and the full range of biomedical research

BD2K Centers’ Pan-NIH Impact

Katharine Miller

Each BD2K Center's tools and research impact multiple NIH Institutes